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[at-l] Sleeping pad technique question

I know... "sleeping pad technique" sounds pretty odd... but here goes...

I have a question for those of you who have successfully used 3/4 length

I've used a 3/4 length RidgeRest for my last few outings, and haven't been
completely happy.  I find the pad comfortable enough as long as I sleep on
my back (turning on my side makes my arm go numb).  My real problem,
though, is... (drum roll)...

	What do you put under your feet

I've heard people suggest spare clothes, but on a cold night I don't HAVE
any dry spare clothes, and besides, if I had any I'd put them under my head
for a pillow!

Do you use your pack?

Do you just have warm feet?


Also, does anyone have experiences to share about the following pads:

	Full length ridge rest (14 oz)
	Deluxe ridge rest (18 oz)
	Ultralight Thermarest (21 oz)

-- Jim Mayer
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