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[at-l] Thru hikers seen in Maine

This past weekend, just inside the Maine border of the trail, I came acress
thru hikers Papa Smurf, Flower, Dr D., Predator and Bear. There were a couple
of others as well but I did not get their names written down before I forgot them.

Just a note for future thru hikers, mileage in this part of the state by these
hikers was about one mile an hour. This fit, as my mileage was about 1/2 mile
an hour :).  A couple of them were surprised that Maine hit them so hard and
had planned 16-18 mile days - stopping after only 10-12.

All were fine, well on their way to finishing, and in very good spirits.

Trail magic was distributed by me to all - lightening my pack considerably -
which I needed desperately to get through some of the roughest miles of trail
in the state!

Paddler (GA>ME 99)
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