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Re: [at-l] Questionaire on Shelters

Dutchess/Putnam County AT Management Committee

   If I'm hiking thru I'll stop at every shelter less that 1/4 mile off
the trail, just to read the register. But to bivouac...

1) How far from the trail can the shelter be before you will bypass it?
--  If a shelter is more than 1/2 mile off the trail and there is water
closer, I'll forsake the shelter and camp near the water.

2) How far from the shelter can water be before you will bypass it?
--  I always try to camp near water. Any thing more than 1/2 mile is too
far. Idealy, 1/10 mile is good (but I'll walk as far as I have to). By
planning and studying the maps I rarely had to go more than 1/4m and
usually less than a 1/10m out of my way to find water.
3) How much elevation gain/loss can there be before you will bypass it?
--  Not really and issue. With the exception of the Madison loop in the
Whites where shelters were too far off & down, this never caused me to
bypass a shelter.

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