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[at-l] Colorado Trail, from an AT view

Mts&Sky and I have returned from the Colorado Trail safely.
There is so much I want to say about what we went through out
there-if you have watched the news lately, you'd see they've
had a bit of a flooded summer.  I"m going through my journal
and pictures to see what I want to talk about, but I"m also
working full time again and in school, so it may be a few
days.  Jim and Ginny- we saw your entry in a register, we were
only 5 days behind you.  (the CT and CDT walk together for 130
miles in CO) I also spent 1-2 weeks walking with Heidi Gone
Burglar ('96), and I saw lots of Bearcharmer and Bucky, plus
Dreamcather, Trux, and Dean all of '95.  ALso heard Mother
Goose and Iceman (96) were out there.  Many others too.  THe
mountains out there are amazing, and sometimes dangerous.  I'll
speak more about it later.  


PS- one thing for sure, I"m definitely doing the AT again in '99
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