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Re: [at-l] Re: Elevation gain

In Physics, Work is defined as the following:


where force is measures in pounds, and distance is the change in verticle
distance between the start and endpoints.  This work measured is the
change in work done on the system, i.e. if you are moving a negative distance 
(down in elevation), work is being done on you by gravity.  If you are
going uphill, you are doing work.  As others have said, this equation does
not take into account any other factors such as friction and the like.
The equation for the total work that you have to do and the work that is
done on you (by gravity) would then be the following:

 ---        |     |
 \   lim    | dx  |
 /   dx->0  |   i |
 ---        |     |

That it.  Sorry for the equation, but I just had to say it.

Mark "no trail name yet" Neubauer

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