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[at-l] Re: Sleeping Bag selection

a woodelf wrote:
> but I have never heard of a polarguard bag maintaining it's loft 22       > years. In my way of thinking down is cheaper in the long run because   > it last longer, but your bag puts a dent in this theory.


My 0 degree Snow Lion Polarguard bag is more like a 40+ degree bag now. 
I camped on Isle Au Haute in Miane in Oct for 3 years running and one
year it was in the 30's at night and I froze my ass off. After I
purchased the bag in Helena, MT in March '75 (honeymoon) I slept in the
Bitterroots and the Rockies without a tent and was comfortable until the
last night when it diped below 0 degrees.  Your theory is still valid.
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