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Re: [at-l] Sleeping Bag selection

In a message dated 97-08-24 09:24:34 EDT, j.ellis@usa.net (John) writes:

<< The question is should I go with a warm heavier bag (15-20 degree at
 40oz.-47 oz.) or a lighter (35 degree at 28 oz.) bag and wear my polar
 fleece (300 wt.) top and bottom on the inevitable cold nights.  The
 weight savings would be about a 12-19 oz.  Any help or suggestion both
 positive and negative would be appreciated.  Thanks for the help.
 P.S.    These are the bags that I am considering.  North Face Cornice
 3D, 20 degee at 40 oz. vs. Sierra Designs Wild Bill 3D, 15 degree bag at
 47 oz. vs. North Face Tourlight 3D, 35 degree bag at 28 oz.  Any
 comments about quality of these product would be appreciated. >>

1. A lot depends on how warm you generally are at night.  But I think I'd opt
for a lighter bag and warm clothes if I were only going with one bag.  The
clothes you can send north when the weather warms up.  And you'll have a nice
bag to take through the middle-Atlantic states without undue weight.

2. I have a North Face Cornice 3D 20 degree bag.  At 2 lb., 8 oz., it is
acceptably light.  I've had it for a year now and used it extensively.
 Quality seems very high.  I camped in Arizona in January in it, and the
weather got down to about 20 degrees nights.  At night I wore my long
underwear, long pants, socks, sweater, fleece anorak, and wool hat.  I was
very toasty.

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