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Re: [at-l] AT death

On Sun, 24 Aug 1997, Jennifer Delia Sawyer wrote:

> and found this.  I was shocked that we hadn't heard about it here first.  Is
> this the first AT fatality this year?  Do we know anything else about this?

"According to the autopsy, Jacob "Gator Boy" Cram died from either lesions
on the brain or tumors. Nobody knew about it,
 but the doctor said that he had them for a long time, and it was so bad
that if they had tried to operate, he would have most
 likely died on the operating table anyway." 

This was posted by a cousin of Jacob's on the AT Hypernews Forum on
Saturday.  Full message (including an apology for  any confusion she may 
have created by not giving full trail name in an earlier message) is at:



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