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[at-l] somwhat related & sad

I'm sure by now you all have been inundated with news reports about the
tragedies in New Hampshire this past week.  If you've been under a rock, the
cold-blooded murders of 4 beloved citizens have turned the small close-knit
communities in this state upside down in grief.  Last Tuesday afternoon, two
State Police officers, an attorney, and a newspaper editor were murdered
and several other officers were shot/injured in Colebrook, NH (about 10
miles north of the AT -- I was actually on the summit of Mt. Adams when it
happened and the sounds of the sirens pierced the air 5,800 feet up).  It
was another case of a man carrying a grudge with authority to unthinkable
ends.  I know this isn't related to the trail, but the effect it is having
on the people of the towns around the AT -- and across the state (any of you
from a tiny, rural community know exactly what I'm talking about) -- is wide

And then, this morning at 5 am -- a mere 12 hours after he attended the
memorial service for troopers Scott Phillips and Les Lord -- a local police
officer was gunned down and murdered in Epsom, NH.  The families, friends,
and residents of this small state are in shock and agony at loosing 3
officers and two citizens in less than a week.  I ask that you keep the
families of the victims and the survivors in your thoughts & prayers as the
healing here begins.  

Sorry for the downer, but there was a need to share what's going on here.  

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