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Re: [at-l] food

At 05:28 AM 8/22/97 PDT, Gammara1@aol.com wrote:
>I am going on a 10 day trip from Springer north during the end of September
>with my 14 yr old son. hre's our food list for what its worth:

I've been hiking with my 9 year old daughter, and I cannot imagine carrying
10 days of food on a trip with her.  I've carried 10 days of food for
myself, and will not do that again if there is a halfway decent
alternative.  It just weighs too much.

But in particular, my personal philosophy of hiking with kids is that you
have to make the trip fun for them or they won't go the next time.  On our
last trip, Jessica carried about 10 pounds... basically her sleeping bag
and clothes... which is a decent 17% of her 60 pound body weight!  For 10
days, you would have to carry between 25 and 35 pounds of dehydrated food.
I don't see how you could manage it without having either your son or
yourself carry an uncomfortable load.  

Some of the other replies said that you can resupply along the way.  That
is certainly what I would do.

As for the other stuff... I like to go with one pot meals as well.  I'm
also fond of no-cook breakfasts and lots of snacks instead of lunch.  I've
noticed that my daughter needs more food variety than I do... I'll munch
hapily on the same trail mix for days, but she really needs a variety of
different things to keep her going.  Having your son help make up the snack
bags could be a good idea too.

Have fun!  I wish I was going.

-- Jim Mayer

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