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Re: [at-l] food dehydrators ????

Christiansen, Hal wrote:
> Some time ago there was a thread on one of these lists relative to food
> dehydrators.
> Well.... I am looking to purchase a dehydrator of my very own :-)
> What are things to look for and, more importantly, to avoid.

Stay away from the bargain brands that use lightbulbs for heat and do not
include fans. These will simply frustrate you and you will not continue dry
your food for long.

The best value for the hobbiest is the Snaskmaster from Amercan Harvest at
1-800-328-7403. WalMart carries them cheap, and they last and last and last.
This is a round drier with a patented air-flow mechanism that lets you dry
foods evenly, thoroughly and quickly. No rotation of foods is generally
required. It also has a thermastat so you can dry different types of foods at
the temperatures they prefer.

I dry dozens of trays of food each year in my drier and have for the last ten
years. It still works as well as the day I bought it. In fact, I have turkey
jerky drying now, and will be drying tomatoes all week as they start to come
out of the garden.


Tim Hewitt, Webmaster
Wooden Canoe Heritage Association
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