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Re: [at-l] Black Forest Trail Gearhead Notes

I'm going to disagree with another response. To some degree, you have to
show concern for your health and safety. Bathing is vital, an excellent
way to check for ticks, insects, injuries, and such. Ultra-light
philosophy leaves so little room for error that I think any "luxury"
that increases safety is justified.

Sure, you are in a stream that is smaller than the water supply for many
towns. However, the amount of chemical and oils on a single person will
be a minimal impact, especially compared to the impact of digging cat
holes, tromping the ground, burning fuels, and the like.

Just my opinion

Bill Thorneloe

> What is the LNT "position" on rinsing (no soap) ones self and clothes in a
> stream?  I couldn't decide, so I did it anyway.  Is this not a good idea?
> How is this different from swimming?
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