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Re: [at-l] Black Forest Trail Gearhead Notes

Jim Mayer wrote:
> What is the LNT "position" on rinsing (no soap) ones self and clothes in a
> stream?  I couldn't decide, so I did it anyway.  Is this not a good idea?
> How is this different from swimming?

It's not and my chief LNT concern would be the oils, salt and especially 
and bug dope or sun screen on your skin.  
Everyone makes hard choices.  I try not to get the chemicals in the 
water....especially small streams.  Larger amounts of water can handle 
it somewhat better.  Think of it like a communal bath as they have in 
First you shower to clean yourself then you may enter the bath.
To do otherwise is inconsiderate to the other users.of the water.

LNT is never easy  <<sigh>> and I know most people don't worry about
this stuff.  Congrats to you for thinking of it! I know of no one
that would jump on you for this...not even me.

> When digging a "cat hole" all the books suggest going down 4-6 inches, or
> to the level of mineral earth.  When I dug such a hole about 9 inches
> across and... umm... did my thing, I pretty much filled the hole up.  This
> doesn't seem quite right somehow... any ideas?

Hmmmm.........6in deep X  9in across = ?? cubic ins. 
If I could just remember how to determine the area of a circle ...
Jim, I think you are full of it...or at least you were that day. 

One question...well two.  How was the trail and did you see many hikers?
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