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Re: [at-l] Food suggestions

Ken Bennett wrote:
> >    Try bean burritos.  You need tortillas, Fantastic Foods powdered
> > beans (check the health food section of your grocery)  mont. jack cheese
> > (keeps better than other cheeses), salsa (can be packed in the plastic
> > squeeze tubes sold in backpack stores)
> Great idea - the tortillas keep well, and the beans are great.
> Suggestion - go to a certain fast food taco place and get extra taco sauce
> and, even better, green sauce in plastic pouches. <g>

Even better, dry your own fillings. You can add the salsa to the beans before
you dry them, and even dry shredded cooked beef or chicken with the beans all
mixed up. This brittle mixture is easily reconstituted (add water and mix to a
plastic bag at lunch and let it ride all day in your pack) and makes great
"field burritos." I also enjoy fresh shredded cheese, and since hard cheese
keeps well, you can slice it right in the pot when you heat the beans and make
wonderful and high protean eats.


Paddler GA>ME 99
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