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[at-l] Seam sealing

Jim Mayer wrote:
>Integral Designs shipped "Seam Grip" with the bivy (though they said that
>seam sealing was optional).  I've heard lots of people recommend this
>stuff, but have never had much luck with it (I've always had it peal,
>despite having cleaned first with isopropyl alcohol).  I'm pretty sure that
>I put on too thick a layer.  If you've had success with Seam Grip, how did
>you get a thin enough coat on?  Or is there another product that you like?


Thanks for your BFT trip report.  The dampness sounds like a trip my wife
and I took earlier this summer on Slickrock Creek trail!  (Slickrock is
just south of Hot Springs and goes along the NC-Tn state line.  Highly

Any who, I've used seam grip brand for our tent and haven't had any leaks
or any of it peel off.  The way I did it was to pitch the tent and first
clean the seams with alcohol.  Then with my wife's help, she pulled the
seam taught and I worked the seam grip tube.  I placed the tube opening
flat against the seam with quite a bit of pressure and squeezed the
tube while I ran it slowly along the seam.  I never lifted the tube off
the seam until I released my grip on the tube.  My thinking was that I
wanted the seam grip to *penetrate* the stitches in the seam and make a
*very* light coating over the seam, the same width as the tube opening.
I would make sure that all the stitch holes had seam grip in them.
I'd only use the brush (that comes with seam grip) if my hand slipped
and I got a big glop.  Actually after the first time, the bristles on
the brush were gummed up and I used my finger instead.  It's the best
glue spreader in the world!  (Thus speaks a wood worker... ;)  Of course
now I had to use some lacquer thinner to clean my hands but no big deal.

I think the key is pressure.  You don't want a layer covering the seam,
you want to force the sealer into the stitches.  Hope this helps, it's
worked for me.

Best Regards,

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