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Re: [at-l] Food suggestions

BChan@vines.gems.gov.bc.ca wrote:
 I need dinner suggestions for a week long kayaking trip for four
> "bachelors" who can't cook.  To give you an idea we're working along the
> lines of spaghetti two nights, KD one night, rice and canned chicken/tuna,
> and ????
>First nite out you can eat town food like steak, which if frozen hard
in a compact, ie round, shape rather than single layer flat, will be
fine if you keep it insulated with your bag and down low in the boat 
wher it's cool.  You didn't say if the area was OK for campfires, but
if it is, steak and baked potaoes make a fab start.  I'm assuming you
can carry more weight in a kayak that I can on my back so  small 
packers grills would be OK.

Stove Top stuffing is great with some canned chicken.  A gravy mix or
can of same is a nice touch. 

Dehyed sloppy joes work pretty good.  Just
fry up _really lean meat till done, drain all grease and then spread on
paper towels to soak up more grease, (the grease is what spoils first),
Spread it thin  on a stick-free cookie pan and into the oven, on low, 
with the door propped open slightly.  Stir once in a while and dry. A 
couple hours before supper, add just enough water to cover the meat so 
it can start to rehyd. In camp just open a can of Manwich sauce and dump 
it in the pot with the meat. A bit more water may be needed but be 
careful you don't end up with _really_sloppy joes<<G>>.
Or you can mix the sauce in at home and dry it together.

The same general plan works with burger seasoned for tacos as well.
But think soft tacos..they hold up better.

Hope this helps.  BTW...what is KD?      Kahley
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