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[at-l] New stove alert!!!

Seems abit bulky and heavy, but a good first step!  Now if they'd
make it out of Titanium...hmmmm.  Might even convert a zipperhead.

Snatched from rec.backcountry...sorry multilisters:

A new multifuel stove by Primus was introduced last weekend
(although I heard about it earlier :-). It seems most
interesting, as it is unique in its ability to burn both
liquid petrol based fuels _and_ gaseous fuels (butane/propane

I have no connection with Primus, but I found the subject quite
interesting, so I quote a bit from their news web-page

"Primus AB has developed the first open air stove that can be run
on three different types of fuel; LP-gas, petrol and kerosene.
Primus MFS (Multi Fuel System) is the first genuine multi-fuel
stove in the world. The new patented stove has unlimited
possibilities. LP-gas is the simplest and easiest of fuels to use
and is widely available; if difficult to obtain, then petrol,
kerosene or other petroleum-based fuels can be used instead. The
stove is equipped with a preheating system which enables it to
function perfectly even at extreme subzero temperatures."

BTW, if you want to drool, the addy for their current Ti stove
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