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[at-l] Worthington State Forest / NJ (fwd)

thought this would be of interest.  I do not know if the AT is directly affected
but would imagine it affects anyone doing a slack that expects to meet a car.


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> Subject: Worthington State Forest / NJ
> NJ's Worthington State Forest  (Kittatinny Trails, Map 15) is CLOSED.  The
> storm of last Saturday was severe in that specific area.  Thousands of trees
> are down and the southern section of Old Mine Road is closed as are area
> parking lots.  Hikers should expect it to remain closed at least through this
> weekend.   After that, call them at 908/841-9575.   Stokes State Forest, High
> Point State Park and the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area were not
> 'hit' and remain open.  hnz 8/20/97
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