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RE: [at-l] Journal: Harpers Ferry, WV --> Caledonia SP, PA (fwd)

> Forwarded by Milt...
> From: Gweneeth Conklin <gconklin@isr.umich.edu>

> Didn't you notice the black cloud hovering above you as you hiked?  Will
> these scouts ever go with you again????  Sounds like the trip from HELL!

Two of the boys are already planning a trip to Glacier NP for next year. 
The second week was better but had it's moments (an adult to the
hospital, semi-truck lost it's brakes/accident at the next toll booth). 
I'm glad it's over.

>  Glad you survived!
I'm glad that we had three of us trained in First Aid.  

> Gweneeth (MINC)
> Institute for Social Research
> University of Michigan
> Ann Arbor, MI
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