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Re: [at-l] who's got pictures at work?

Diana wrote:
> Schuyler Stultz wrote:
> >
> > Ok, show of hands.  Who all have pictures from their various hikes in the
> > office at work

Well, since my office is in my home, I have a wee bit more liberty. As I 
sit here looking at monitor, Let me discribe what I see about me...
To my left is a book shelf with 5 Onesport shoe boxes filled with 
guidebooks, maps, letters and cards from hikers. The Uncommon Places 
photobook is propped up next to my kurt Vonnegut collection. On the wall 
to the right of the bookshelf is my AT poster, with sections completed 
colored in (not nearly enough). The answering machine has a pic of me and 
my hiking partner before we did the Smokies. My invoices have the AT 
emblem on top. When someone sends it back with their check, I cut the 
emblem off and tape it to something. They are stuck everywhere. To my 
right is tha AT calendar, still on May and MacAfee knob. To my right is a 
stack of ATNs and campmor/rei/sierra catalogues and the 
databook/guidebook. The best thing I see, though, is my cat Scooter 
curled up between the keyboard and monitor, dreaming about dogs and ropes 
and, well, you know. When do I landscape, anyway?


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