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re: [at-l] who's got pictures at work?

> Ok, show of hands.  Who all have pictures from their various hikes in the
> office at work and you keep find yourself mentally hiking over the area
> in the picture?

I've got pictures from Yellowstone, the Tetons, the Wind Rivers, Chicago
Basin, RMNP, the Barr Trail, Wheeler Peak Wilderness, and Snowmass Lake.

> I find myself mentally going over each trip as I
> look at the pictures and have to mentally slap myself around to get back to
> work.  Anyone else suffer this?

Yep.  And a lot more often than I would like for my boss to know. :-)

> how many of us suffer this affliction?

I'm reasonably certain that a lot of us do (I know I do).  The only cure I
know of, is quitting your job and hiking full time.


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