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Re: [at-l] Daypacks and fleece bags

> Besides the size issue, it was impossible to get things arranged so that
> something wasn't poking me in the back.  It seemed that no matter
> how I arranged things they would shift around and something would be
> digging me.  And it was HOT and SWEATY.  Of course, it was 95 and very
> humid on Sat but Friday was comfortable and I still felt like it would
> take three large men to_peeeel_ my pack off during breaks.  And I've
> learned that even though I'm used to carrying a twenty pound daypack for
> a couple hours a day, a thirty pound daypack is really heavy on the
> shoulders on the long haul.  Question...for you ultralighters..do your
> packs have hipbelts and if not just how strong are your
> shoulders???<<G>>

I use a 2000 cu Northface Exocet. It's got a very nice hip-belt that makes
the pack quite comfortable for up to about 30 pounds. That would be the
most I'd ever carry on a backpacking trip, anyway. If you're going to carry
more than 30 pounds, you should probably use some kind of framed pack.

As far as things poking you in the back...I avoid this by having my
sleeping bag, bivy sack, and sleeping pad attached to the outside of my
pack. The bivy and bag are held on each side of the pack using the Exocet's
side compression straps. This keeps their weight close in to my body. The
sleeping pad, which only weighs 7 oz, is strapped to the daisy chain straps
on the back of the pack. With all the big items outside the pack bag, I've
got lots of room inside it without having to overpack and have things
sticking into my back.

> PS Tomorrow,  I'm off to the gear store to check out the Adjustable II.
> I guess I'm just hooked on ExFrames.

I've got an Adjustable II. It's a very nice simple external frame pack that
only weighs a little over 3 pounds. I was quite happy with it until I went

Michael Connick

E-mail: Michael_Connick@clrmnt.com
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