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Re: [at-l] dogs on at

Response to:
>> I have a 4 month old dog, do u think she would be ready to hike with us on
>> the AT? Jim

Just got back from hiking in Colorado; this question brought to mind
something I saw while out there.

a group of hikers -- and their puppy, looked like a black Lab -- were about
to attempt a summit climb of a fourteener, starting at about 12,500.  

Seeing the pup, I asked how old it was.  "12 weeks," came back the reply.

Now, I appreciate owner/dog bonding -- I have a dog myself -- but the look
on that pup's face approached terror.  Not only was the pup cold, there was
no way it was going to keep up with the climb, not to mention the affects of
altitude.   If I were a pup and watched my loved one walk off without me,
especially after I had recently gotten over being taken from my litter, I'd
probably kill myself trying to keep up.

I guess that's an emotional reponse, but the look on the pup's face still
haunts me.



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