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Re: [at-l] Daypacks and fleece bags

>.  Question...for you ultralighters..do your
> >packs have hipbelts and if not just how strong are your
> >shoulders???<<G>>     Kahley... who lost the battle but not the war!
> >
> >PS Tomorrow,  I'm off to the gear store to check out the Adjustable II.
> >I guess I'm just hooked on ExFrames.
> >


I'm hardly an ultralighter, but I know a good daypack when I see one. If you
have lots of money, look at the Dana daypacks, either the Killer B series
(Bomb Pack, et al) or the Shadow Peak. My wife has the Shadow Peak and loves
it - great suspension, about 2200 ci, pretty adjustable, about $150. This
pack has interchangeable hipbelts and s-curved shoulder straps, like all
Dana packs. I use an Eagle Peak panel loader that comes in at about 3600 ci,
and I'm quite sure that it could handle a lightweight summer weekend. This
one's about $100 at REI.

Note: Both of these packs have a solid hipbelt, an aluminium stay (or
stays), and a polyethylene frame sheet for rigidity and support. 30 pounds
is no big deal in either of these packs.

IMHO, the so-called daypacks with two padded shoulder straps and a 1-inch
webbing hipbelt are made for hauling books to class, not gear in the

Sorry that they're both internal-frame packs, but that's the way it is.


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