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Re: [at-l] Day Hikes Plus more

LFHBMS@aol.com wrote:
> Have been a lurker for awhile now and a lover of the AT for may years.  I am
> not a backpacker but enjoy dayhiking.  The last few weeks have been a
> glorious adventure that I would like to share with other dayhikers.   

I, too, have been a lurker for a long time and I am a day hiker.  What a 
marvelous idea to take one hike on the AT in each state.  I will file 
that one away for further reference. 

I have also had a great hike recently.  It went in the record book as my 
longest, both in time and mileage.  And as the most difficult one I have 
hiked. We hiked from 311 to McAfees Knob - 3.5 miles - a 7 mile round 
trip. The view from the knob is spectacular. We had the great privilege 
of seeing a redshouldered hawk soar by at our feet. Bill Cochran said 
McAfees Knob is one of the most photographed spots on the trail. 
My husband and I spent several days at the CrossTrail Bed and Breakfast 
in Catawba VA.  It was a great place to stay.  The trail goes on three 
sides of the house. We watched hikers going both north and south as we 
ate breakfast on the patio on Sat. Bill and Katherine Cochran are 
wonderful hosts and love hikers.  They are also willing to shuttle 
folks.  You can't miss the house.  You practically hike through the 
front yard as you approach VA 785 about 5 miles from Dragon's Tooth 
Northbound and 5 miles from VA311 southbound.  It's about two miles from 
the Catawba General Store and The Homeplace. Phone number is 
540-384-8078. We highly reccommend it.
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