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Re: [at-l]hipbelts and packs was Daypacks and fleece bags

>  Question...for you ultralighters..do your 
>packs have hipbelts and if not just how strong are your 
>shoulders???<<G>>     	Kahley... who lost the battle but not 
>the war!
Hey Kahley,

If I carry more than about 10 pounds, I don't usually use a day pack. I
use my backpack , it's more comfortable with 15-20 pounds in it than a
day pack. Who cares if the pack weighs more than the day pack, one of the
things I like about ultra light is pack comfort and weight is just part
of that, heavy day packs are uncomfortable. Also packing is no problem
and nothing sticks in your back. If you do use a day pack, pad the back
with your blanket/bag/ect.

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