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[at-l] Daypacks and fleece bags


In the quest for a lighter pack, I loaded up my daypack and a fleece
bag prototype for a test.  I really thought the day pack would work 
since I routinely use it during the summer.  I knew it would hold my 
stove and food and some clothes and water, but when I put in the rest
of my gear, it was pretty tight.  Even figuring the size difference 
between my pur scout and the hiker I intend on getting, I don't think
I'll be happy with a 2200 cubic in pack.  There was no room for my
Corn Pops or pretzels so I had to leave them at home...:-(((

Besides the size issue, it was impossible to get things arranged so that 
something wasn't poking me in the back.  It seemed that no matter
how I arranged things they would shift around and something would be 
digging me.  And it was HOT and SWEATY.  Of course, it was 95 and very
humid on Sat but Friday was comfortable and I still felt like it would
take three large men to_peeeel_ my pack off during breaks.  And I've
learned that even though I'm used to carrying a twenty pound daypack for
a couple hours a day, a thirty pound daypack is really heavy on the 
shoulders on the long haul.  Question...for you ultralighters..do your 
packs have hipbelts and if not just how strong are your 
shoulders???<<G>>     	Kahley... who lost the battle but not the war!

PS Tomorrow,  I'm off to the gear store to check out the Adjustable II.
I guess I'm just hooked on ExFrames.

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