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[at-l] dogs on the AT

If you take a 4 month old dog on the trail, expect the stamina and
attention span of a 3 year old child.  He/she will have fun for a short
walk, but you had better be prepared to carry her if going far.  Wonder how
a child backpack could be modified  ;-}  what kind of dog?  My black lab is
a great hiking companion, as is my australian shepherd mix.  They are smart
and quick learners, but at first they wanted to chase squirrels and
rabbits...took some patience and training.  Good luck and give her lots of
praise for good behavior!

Happy Trails :-)    Margaret

"To strengthen children's minds and to cultivate graces, to build strong
bodies and to develop loveliness of character, are astonishing privileges.
No king or head of state has a more noble calling."

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