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[at-l] Journal: Harpers Ferry, WV --> Caledonia SP, PA

July 19. 
Two (2) groups of scouts from Troop 217 starting hiking the Appalachian
Trail (AT).  One group (my group) of seven started at Harpers Ferry,
West Virginia by first going to the ATC headquarters, and then starting
down the trail.  The other group of six, started at Weverton Road,

July 20. 
Both groups stayed at the Crampton Gap, north of Gathland State Park,
MD.  We ran out of water at Brownsville Gap (civil war) Road, about 2
miles (and one hour) south of the park.  It was a long day.  Set up
tents on the side of a hill.  The temps were HOT! possibly near 100

July 21. 
Originally had planned on stay at Dahlgren Campground.  When we got to
Dahlgren, three boys (Dan Vagasky, Matt Slack, and Tim Lechota) were
shocked in the showers.  (The hot water as already been turned off due
to a grounding loop problem).  The ranger turned off all of the
electricity in the building, hence no water.  So we then hiked up to
Washington Monument State Park to stay with the other group.   

Tom Lechota (other group) has massive blister on his stump (he is an
amputee), he decided to not continue.  Plan A was to get a hold of our
drivers, and have her pick him up.  Plan B was to have the ranger
transport him to Pen Mar (The ranger was every helpful in agreeing to
this, but luckily we didn't need to).

July 22.
Noticed at the trail log book in the mail box in the middle of nowhere,
that Globetrotter had past by that day.  Sorry that I didn't see him. 
Hiked to Hemlock Hill Shelter.  The other group, including Tom, stayed
in the shelter, we camped in our tents.  The other group has decided to
slack pack it.

July 23.
Started late (12:01 p.m.)  At 12:30, John Reid fell and broke his leg. 
This occurred less than 0.4 miles before MD-77.  The Ranger was nice and
also joked with John about the easiest way to get out of there.  
Smithburg Fire and Rescue Company 7 were very helpful, even joked about
needing O2 for themselves inorder to get John out.  Two hours (and three
minutes) later we continued our hike.  Mark and John went to the
hospital.  Tony went with the ranger and the packs to Pen Mar (where the
other group was camped).  He was then to join us at Devils Racecourse. 
We spent the night at Devils Racecourse, with 4 thru hikers (2M 2F) and
2 people in a tent (who camped in the only level spot - the middle of
the path to the privy).  Overall this was a short day of hiking, the
boys wanted to go on to Pen Mar (or beyond).  It was so cold we could
see our breath, rained or misty all night.  The shelter has a leak. 
Tony didn't show that evening, the next morning we had left before he

July 24.  
We were back on the AT at 7:45 (that is at the top of the 0.2 mile 200
foot vertical climb from Devils Racecourse).  We arrived at Pen Mar
before 10 a.m.  The thru hikers were hitching a ride up to the hostel. 
(They were wearing every piece of clothing they had, even were in their
sleeping bags).  Cold, wet and raining.  They enjoyed cold McD's
hamburgs, big macs, and fries.

John started throwing up.  Tom arranged for a motel room at Rite Spot,
and then they drove up there.  We spent the day resting.  We "took" Tom
out to dinner at Mountain Gate (Buffet).  Had we not made reservations
with Tom, we would have liked to hike on to the next shelter(s).

July 25.  
We had lunch at Tumbling Run.  This was originally our overnight spot. 
We still had lots of energy (except Tony), so we continued hiking. 
Since the other group was scheduled to spend the night at Rocky Mountain
Shelters, we continued on to Caledonia.  Arriving at 7:10, after a 18
mile hike.  Spent the night in a hotel w/ showers!!!!  The other group
had also continued on to Caledonia, since rms was full.

[We continued on to do 2 trails at Gettysburg, hike in Washington DC,
Toured the National Jamboree, and then home]

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