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[at-l] Pack size

We are in need of some advise.  I believe with the combined experence of
this list that this is a good starting point.  

My 18 year old daughter will be doing a thru hike of the AT starting
next March.  She is in the process of selecting a pack.  Most other
items she already had or received as graduation gifts.  She is sold on
panel loading designs probably with some of my influence (My packs are a
Gregory Wind River and REI Evening Star).  Even thought I don't consider
her a small women, she appears to take a size small pack; 17-17.5"
torso.  Pack size is one thing we are debating.  I preferr to carry as
much inside my pack as possible and not hang anything on the outside. 
My reasoning is that then the pack would be designed with an adequate
harness to support the weight.  What is this list recommendations?  Can
anyone provide me with suggestions on pack size and other features to
look for in a womens pack?  Thanks.
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