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[at-l] Re: Different kind of trip report

Jim Hill said:
>>1.  TNF Tourlight sleeping bag.  This is a perfect bag for Spring
and Fall (weighs less than two pounds) but it was too much for the
summer.  I slept on top of it most of the time.  Someone on the list
recommended that I just carry a flannel sheet.  I should have
listened!  An Army poncho liner would have been ideal.  However, if
it had rained, I might have needed more.<<

Be very careful only carrying a flannel sheet.  The weather in the
mountains can change very quickly.  I have been hot as you said and had to
sleep on top of my bag, but on the other hand, on last month's (July) Sole
Sister hike deep in the heart of Dixie (GA) we were miserably cold several
nights because of only taking flannel sheets.  I will opt for the weight
and carry my down bag from now on, unless I'm in the tropics!

Happy Trails :-)    Margaret

"To strengthen children's minds and to cultivate graces, to build strong
bodies and to develop loveliness of character, are astonishing privileges.
No king or head of state has a more noble calling."

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