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Re: [at-l] 15 miles in PA closed Thurs. and Friday

Felix wrote:
> Kathy Bilton wrote:
> > AT between Rt. 325 and Rt. 443 to be closed while PA National Guard works
> > to find out how some non-exploding shells ended up in the vicinity of the
> > trail. HIkers will be shuttled around closed area.
> Now there's a new twist to the "thru-hiking saga". Militarilly
> enforced
> yellow-blazing. God love 'em.

My first reaction to this was "I'm hiking thru regardless" but my second one
was "OK, I can take a layoff day while these guys look for their lost toys." 
I don't think I would yellow-blaze this 15 mile section, but I'm planning
enough extra time in my hike to take a few days off here and there. Perhaps
I'd just take them off on the trail rather than in town this way.


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