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[at-l] Re: Felix's Chain Gangs

> Plodder,
> Not if you live in Alabama... chain gangs were reinstituted several years
> ago, on a voluntary basis, of course. <g>  They clean up the highways.
> Don't come to the South and misbehave  ;-)    Maggie

Hey, I guess we have them too here in Virginia then.  Granted, they don't
actually wear chains, but there are busses that bring about 20-30 guys all 
dressed in gray or blue to pick up track from the highways.  I guess what
tips me off they're from prisons is the solitary uniformed police officer
looking guy carrying the shotgun.

Ok, let's make this AT related.  I was driving down Route 42 to the trailhead
in Bland County one day and saw all of these signs.  "No Tresspassing by
order of B.C.C. Warden."  "Wow," I thought, "This Mr. Warden is pretty
strict about tresspassers in his empty fields."  A little while down the road,
I pass the entrance to Bland Correctional Center, BCC.

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