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[at-l] Re: at-l-digest V1 #363

> << Is it true that most hard core hikers (those who use tents) don't use an
>  additional ground cloth??  Is this really ok for the tent floor? >>

I think that most hard core tent hikers realize the value of tent floor
protection. I use one with my Eureka Timberlite 3. Every time that I
look at the ground cloth and see what a beating it takes and my tent
floor looks new after 4 years and lots of miles I'm convinced that it is
worthwhile weight. Make up the weight in other areas, your tent is your
home and needs to be protected. I'm experimenting with different
materials to see what might suffice as a ground cloth and still provide
protection with light weight. If others have done similar tests please
let me know your results.

To the couple that just hiked the approach to Springer in the rain, good
going and keep it up. Ain't it grand having a wife that does well on the
trail? Hiking women are something to be cherished. Make sure you behave
so she continues to let you hike with her.

see y'all on the trail
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