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[at-l] T-Bear & Greywolf

Hiked Zealand Mtn. last Thursday and ran into T-Bear and Greywolf -- two
Southbounders from Wingfoots list. We hiked together for quite awhile and
enjoyed some great conversation.  Although they aren't on the at-l list,
they recognized many of the names that I threw out and asked me to pass
along to both lists that they are in great spirits and doing just peachy.
If someone out there could forward this to Wingfoots list, that would be
just groovy...I don't have the address right here.  

FYI...asked them what their best gear purchase so far has been (me being
the gear-weenie that I am, how could I not ask?) and they said the
Timberline water filter they picked up in Gorham.  They ditched their PUR
Hiker when they found the Timberline which was the tiniest thing I've ever
seen ( as far as water filters go, anyway) and only weighed a few ounces.
They said it worked as well as the PUR but was lighter and cheaper.  End
of commercial.

:) Poohbear

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