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[at-l] Re: Extending the AT

I have enjoyed the many comments on both sides of this issue that have
surfaced this past few days while I was out hiking the AT.  Guess I opened
a can of worms, but so many good and valid points are being made on both
sides.  I especially believe it is important to support all those hard
working folks in so many states who are actually doing the work of building
and maintaining these trails for us, no matter what the official title of
the Trail is.  BTW, we hiked from Dick's Creek Gap, GA to Wallace Gap, NC
and had a great time despite the rain.  Loved Albert Mtn. and Standing
Indian Mtn.

The friend of mine, Jay, who recently presented at the ATC conference in
Maine has asked anyone who is interested in supporting the extention of the
AT to please email him directly at


He would love to hear your feelings.  Thanks and have a good day!

Happy Trails :-)
Margaret (Maggie)

"We have not inherited the Earth from our fathers.
 We are borrowing it from our children."
                                --Native American Saying

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