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[at-l] 1996 thru-hiker

Was at a Galyans store in Indianapolis last night and met a 1600 miler 
from 1996. Jeff "Noodle" Dalton. We talked a little trail and threw some 
trailnames back and forth. Funny how something as simple as someone you 
just met mentioning a trailname you've heard before, can make you as 
giddy as high school prom queen (I'm guessin'). Anyway, does anyone here, 
or there, know this guy? I'll send on salutations and greetings. 
BTW, got me some new gaiters and a new Multi-fuel Coleman stove. And two 
cases of Okanagon Sport Bars. MMMMMMM, Okanagon Sport Bars. Also got a 
dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. Life is good. (Thanks to All the Way for 
permission to use "Life is good." All other phrases were either original 
or considered to be 'public domain'.)


Now with FICTION!!! http://members.tripod.com/~Felixhikes/index.html

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