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Re: [at-l] Extending the AT


I agree that the official AT should remain as true as possible to Benton
MacKaye's vision and therefore any trail shouldn't be added on to the AT in

But I also think that we should support the building of these trails then
worry about the name after the fact. Any group officially opposing
extending the AT might be misunderstood as opposing the new trail itself.
We all know how popular the AT and other trails have become and any time
someone starts talking about building new trail would should applaud, yell,
and cheer, not bicker about what it will be called. 

Dan "High Tech" Kohn

> From: Dan 'Wingfoot' Bruce <dbruce@buncombe.main.nc.us>
> To: at-l@saffron.hack.net
> Subject: [at-l] Extending the AT
> Date: Wednesday, August 06, 1997 12:23 PM
> There is beginning to surface the notion that the AT should be extended
> northward into Canada and southward into Alabama. I am against extending
> the official AT in either direction (although I applaud the new
> trails that are being built in Quebec and Alabama that offer additional
> hiking opportunities). Since there will undoubtedly be pressure to change
> the AT in the future, especially from the Canadian (or Quebec) end, I
> it might be a good idea for those of us who oppose this idea to begin
> organizing opposition now. Anyone who is interested may contact me
> privately at: wingfoot@trailplace.com
> Wingfoot
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