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[at-l] Re: Good to hear from you!


Nice to hear from you, but not about what happend. Hope it works out for
you next year. 

You are difinitly right, it NEVER leaves you.

> From: MManzano@aol.com
> To: dkohn@merlin.ebicom.net
> Subject: Good to hear from you!
> Date: Wednesday, August 06, 1997 6:58 AM
> Dear High Tech,
> I met you at Cosby Knob shelter in the Smokies last year (Waldo and
> the Kid stopped there also); I was doing a circuit hike in the park for a
> week.  I started a thru hike this March but had to leave the trail in
> due to bursitis of the hip.  I'm now recuperating and hope to finish next
> year.  I know how you must want to go back to the AT - it never leaves
> heart and memory.  I'm glad you're on the list.
> Gypsy 
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