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Re: [at-l] Re: gasoline weight

I know 3 canisters may be a little high.  Having never used one, I thought
I should estimate on the high side.  If one canister is removed, then the
weight savings would be 18.5 oz. Hmmm.

> From: MManzano@aol.com
> To: dopp@ncfrpc.org
> Subject: Re: [at-l] Re: gasoline weight
> Date: Wednesday, August 06, 1997 3:14 PM
> In a message dated 97-08-06 13:57:00 EDT, dopp@ncfrpc.org writes:
> << The Ti stove weighs 3.3 oz.  Their compressed gas cylinder weighs 12
>  Each cylinder supposedly burns for 3 hours.  I figure one should take 3
>  cylinders for a 9-day trip.  Thats 36 oz. for fuel plus 3.3 oz. for the
>  stove = 39.3 oz. >>
> Three cannisters seems to be more than you need.  That would be like
> you will be burning your stove for an hour each day, and I doubt that you
> would do that unless you're cooking for several people.  I would estimate
> that breakfast took me about 10 minutes tops (heating water for grits &
> coffee); dinner, about 20 minutes (I usually boiled enough water to pour
> a cup for hot chocolate, & then cooked my dinner with the rest of it.  I
> normally cleaned the pot in cold water and then boiled another cup of
> for a 2nd hot chocolate.  That totals 30 minutes a day, or 4-1/2 hrs for
> days.  So allowing that you might do more cooking for a little longer
time, 6
> hrs worth of fuel should be adequate for 9 days.  I used a Whisperlite
> with a shaker jet, but if I could afford a ti stove I think I'd go for
> Gypsy
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