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[at-l] Re: gasoline weight

With all the varied answers to my question, I think I'll just have fill a
1-liter bottle and weigh it myself.  The right answer is important to me as
I am trying to decide on a new stove system for a summer 9-day hike; either
a white gas stove system or the new Primus 3.3 oz. titanium system.  My
initial guess is that the weight saved on the titanium stove is lost in
extra fuel weight for the compressed gas containers.

The Ti stove weighs 3.3 oz.  Their compressed gas cylinder weighs 12 oz. 
Each cylinder supposedly burns for 3 hours.  I figure one should take 3
cylinders for a 9-day trip.  Thats 36 oz. for fuel plus 3.3 oz. for the
stove = 39.3 oz.

If I were taking a white gas stove, I would take 1.5 liters of white gas. 
Assuming a weight of 25 oz. per liter, I would carry 37.5 ounces of fuel
plus the stove.  I don't have the stove weights off-hand but I know the
Whisperliter Internationale weighs 9.5 oz. without windscreen.  I suspect
the Shaker-Jet weighs 1 oz. less and that the Peak 1 Extreme is 1 oz.less
than the shaker jet.  So, 7.5 oz. for the stove plus fuel = 45 oz.  This
produces a net savings of 6.5 oz.

The Peak 1 costs about $70.  Assuming fuel bottles cost $12 total, plus
$3.00 for fuel ....  = $85.   The titanium thingie is $250 (as I recall)
plus $12 for fuel.... = $262.  For a 6.5 oz. saving, I would pay ...  (262
- 70)/6.5  =  $29.54 per ounce saved!  Yikes!

Still, 6.5 oz saved is 6.5 oz.....

Perhaps what I really want is a Titanium version of the Peak 1 Extreme.

> From: Michael Henderson <mikeh@royalrobbins.com>
> To: dopp@ncfrpc.org
> Subject: re: gasoline weight
> Date: Wednesday, August 06, 1997 12:57 PM
> hopeful said it best, but this was my reasoning:
> 1L = 1kg H2O
> 1kg approx= 2.2lbs
> weight of gas < weight of water
> therefore 1L gas < 2.2 lbs
> i didn't expect it to be as light as 1.8lbs tho.
> mike
> ke kaahawe
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