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[at-l] SLACKPACK TOUR and Grandma Gatewood

The SLACKPACK TOUR journal webpage has been updated through August 5th. 
A photo has been added to the homepage picturing PITTSBURGH, his sister,
and GRANDMA GATEWOOD in MAY 1958.  She was an acquaintance of my
grandparents, and would stay with them occasionally at the CAMP REDWING
girl scout camp north of PITTSBURGH PA, where the picture was taken.  My
grandparents ran the camp for a number of years back then.

I have but one memory of GRANDMA GATEWOOD.  My family was to drive to a
trailhead along the FORBES TRAIL in WESTERN PA to pick her up.  We
waited, and waited, but she didn't show up.  My father hiked in to try
and locate her, and found her sitting on someones porch, alondside the
trail, happily yakking away, oblivious to the time.

When I decided to hike on the A.T. last year, I got Larry Luxemburg's
book.  In it is a chapter on Grandma Gatewood.  Up to that point, I had
not made the connection between the trail and Grandma Gatewood.  In fact,
the memory of her did not surface until I read the book and subsequently
had discussions with my parents.  My parents went to the family slides
archives and located the picture that is now on the webpage.

Rick Mann, aka Pittsburgh
email:  slackpacker@bigfoot.com
website:  www.geocities.com/yosemite/trails/4404
phone:  1-800-803-2767 (leave message)
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