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Re: [at-l] Bulk food...

In a message dated 97-08-05 13:36:55 EDT, mxnst+@pitt.edu (Mark Neubauer)

<< I am planning on doing a thru-hike next year, and was wondering about
 buying food in bulk.  For example, instant oatmeal.  Is there a better way
 to buy 500 packets of oatmeal than at the supermarket in the small boxes?
 The same question for other foods, like pasta. >>

There are hikers who buy food in bulk and get tired of the same thing.  At
every mail drop they leave food in "hiker boxes" for others who might want
it.  This often happens early in the hike, so instead of saving money they
end up giving it away.  The only two items I consistently liked for the three
months I was on the trail were instant grits and pop tarts.  I will never eat
mac & cheese again as long as I live!  When I go back next year I'll buy all
my food at local groceries according to what looks good at the time.

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