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[at-l] Postcards from Ron, Linda & Brandon Moak - July 22-21, 1997

Mileage from July 22 through 31:  130.7;   Total mileage:  400.3

For the northern section of our hike we are going to suspend the daily trip 
reports.  It turns out that the northern trail is much harder than I recalled. 
 Maybe age is also creeping in.  Either way, the trail has been tough.  Most 
of our daily effort is in trying to maintain our schedule to finish when we 
need to.  We are still trying to maintain our journals that will be posted to 
the web when we're done.  In the meantime we'll try to give you the weekly 

As I write this I'm sitting in the lodge of the AMC Joe Dodge Lodge at Pinkham 
Notch.  My legs, knees, and feet are trying to recover from the 8 mile 
pounding from Madison Hut to here.

Linda is doing fine, especially now that she has a new pair of boots.  The 
soles of her other ones blew out on the trail to Zealand Hut.  We were able to 
hold them together with duct tape until we were able to go into North Conway 
and get a new pair.

Brandon is loving every bit of the Whites.  The harder it gets, the more he 
likes it.  When Linda and I yearn for peaceful forest trails, he wants steeper 
ups and downs, bigger rocks and nastier trails.  It must be great to be so 
fearless.  I can't remember.
(An aside from Ron's parents:  "We can!")  

The trails through the White Mountains have been both hard and thrilling.  
We've had more views here in a single day than in all of the southern section.

In a few days we'll be passing into Maine on our run to Katahdin.  We hope the 
tough and gentle sections of the trail even out.  Maybe we'll get to take it a 
bit easier.  Anyway, right now we're taking it one day at a time.

Fallingwater (Ron)
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