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Re: [at-l] Fuel bottles in an internal sack

Tim Hewitt spake thusly:
> What's the current feeling in the group as to how to carry fuel?  Should I just
> double bag my fuel bottle in zip-locks and not worry about it? Should I not
> bother double-bagging it at all and not worry about it? Should I buy an
> external pocket for the fuel? Should I dump this pack and buy one with pockets
> :).
> ps The pack is a Gregory Shasta and is very comfortable...> 

Tim, I have the Shasta, and it has two "water bottle" pockets that I use
to carry fuel. As you may notice they're kind of small and tight and it
seems like the bottle might just pop out. I use the cord from the
sleeping bag compartment zipper and loop it around the top of the fuel
bottle. I've never had it slip out. I don't like the idea of putting the
fuel inside. It makes me nervous. ;)

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