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[at-l] All The Way's Journal (7/17-7/28)

Howdy Everybody!!
Here's a some more of Bob's journal entries.

Thursday 7/17 0.0 miles

Another Day Off!...concert, r&r, and re-figuring all of my mail drops. 
It's crazy to try to carry ten or eleven days of food.  Life is good...
All the Way

Friday 7/18 Culver's Gap to High Point, NJ 23  14.3 miles

Hard Hiking After A Few Days Off...had a good swim at the end of the
day.  Jan, Phil, and Rachel are going to be camp followers for a few
days.  Tonite at High Point State Park.  All the best...
All the Way

Saturday 7/19 NJ 23 to County 565 16.9 miles

Good Day, Easy Miles... interesting hiking through the Wallkill River
Wildlife Refuge.  It is a big swamp that is teeming with life... staying
at the Apple Valley Inn- great place.  Here with my camp followers
again.  I met Bear and Chicken Man.  AND Bear's dad (Papa Bear), fed us
very, very well!  To reiterate Papa Bear fed us all very well!  I also
met some AT-Lers, Mike Connick and John O.  Papa Bear's cooking is very
All the Way

Sunday 7/20 County 565 to Warwick Turnpike 10.6 miles

Short Day... nice view from Wawayanda Mountain... nice climb... saw a
very large black bear, two tenths south of Wawayanda Shelter... good
stay at the Apple Valley Inn!
All the Way

Monday 7/21 Warwick TPK to NY 17 21.5 miles

Arduous HIke Today!... hills and rocks... walking on the very large,
flat rocks on the ridge made me feel as if I were walking on the back of
a large dinosaur.  I spotted several deer and turkeys today.  The
scrambles were fun; especially one near Buchanan Mountain.  There, a
short section of the trail was closed due to some very large blow
downs.  The only route available was a scramble up a nearly vertical
boulder field... Lots of fun!  Here again at the Apple Valley Inn!  Life
is good...
All the Way

Tuesday 7/22 0.0 miles

Thoroughly Enjoying Another Day At The Apple Valley Inn...Here with
gracious and generous hosts, John and Mitzi.  If you are doing a
thru-hike and don't stop here your hike isn't complete.  Also here for
several days is Col. Charlie... good people, good food, good living...
All the Way

Wednesday 7/23 NY 17 to Palisades Interstate Park 11.8 miles

Nice Walk!... crossing 70 mph traffic on the Parkway was the most
dangerous section of my hike so far.  The Lemon Squeezer was great.
All the Way

Thursday 7/24 0.0 miles

A Rainy Day For This Fair Weather Hiker... Had fun with Jan and the kids
at West Point.  We needed the rain badly.  Hopefully the springs will
flow again.
All the Way

Friday 7/25 Palisades Interstate Parkway to Graymoor Monastery 12.8

Nice Walk Over Bear Mountain And Through The Zoo... Had lunch at the
Bear Mtn. Inn and supper at Graymoor.  I had a real good time with Jan
and the kids this past week; especially with John and Mitzi at the Apple
Valley Inn.  Life is good.
All the Way

Saturday 7/26 Graymoor to RPH Cabin 18.7 miles

Lots Of Berries... red raspberries(big and small), blackberries, and
blueberries(big ones, small ones, high bush and low bush).  I miss you
All the Way

Sunday 7/22 RPH Cabin to Telephone Pioneers Shelter 16.2 miles

Hot And Humid....good hiking weather... thunder shower this afternoon. 
The trail is good; the bugs are getting bad, especially at night.
All the Way

Monday 7/28 Telephone Pioneers Shelter to Ten Mile River Lean-To 13.0

Hot and Humid- good walking, good swim in the river.  Here tonite with
12 Bears.  All the best...

All the Way
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