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[at-l] a view of the AT

This weekend I was flying to Florida (from Philadelphia) I sort of joked to 
myself that maybe I'd see the AT from the air, but I didn't really expect to. 
As it turned out, we went right over it for most of the flight! It was really 
neat. The coolest part was when we went over the Shenandoahs, which I hadn't 
seen since my trip there in March. It was really incredible seeing it all 
from so far above. It makes everything look so small, and all the mountain 
ranges not so long and tall. :) I'm sure the people next to me thought I was 
strange for having my nose pressed to the glass for two  hours, but it was 
worth it. It's little things like that view that get me so excited about my 
trip next year.... I hope everyone else had a great weekend too :)

                                                -Martha Montague
                                                 ME -> GA '98
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