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Re: [at-l] beasties in the water

prider@epix.net wrote:
 Could it be with the dry
> conditions -low water here in PA that there is a higher concentration of
> beasties in the water?

I'm no techie, but it would seem to me that the concentration of
beasties in the water should not have any thing to do with the filter's
effectivness.  Filter's are designed to 'screen out' silt if necessary,
so a higher concerntration of beasties should not be a problem for a 
well maintained unit.  If the 'filter' itself old/shot?

You did not mention the nature of your daughter's upset, but I know
that the change in diet and activity often causes me problems. 
Pepsid AC and Immodium AD....never leave home without them. <<gulp>>

BTW..glad you enjoyed the Rim though, and may I ask if the barely 
moving stream was Pine Creek?  Hope not, cause a friend and I were 
talking up a combo canoe/hike for there.  The Pa drought is getting
severe, especially in the central part of the state.  If anyone knows
a rain dance....have at it, please.
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