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Re: [at-l] Book Review

On Sun, 3 Aug 1997, Janet Dellinger wrote:
> and search through the catalog.  It will be carried by the ATC but may not
> be in the catalog yet so call them directly.

I saw it at ATC HQ a few weeks ago where it was indeed for sale.  
(1-888-AT STORE (toll-free) Online ordering is not yet functional though
it was thought to start July 18 according to the ATC page...) Looked like
a fine book!  And fun to read about the hikers many of us became familiar
with last year via this list, etc.

Thinking about books.. I've just gotten a hold of one I saw mentioned a
while back in rec.backcountry. (The author happens to mention the AT in
the intro to his book.)  I just dug up the post via Dejanews and include
it below. 

> Why not try something a little farther afield, such as the pilgrimage to
> Santiago de Campostella (a traditional pilgrimage route to a shrine in
> northwestern Spain)? You could start from Paris or from the South of
> France and make it a nice long walk. Lots of people to meet, history and
> culture to experience. Try reading Jack Hitt's book Off the Road,

Thanks for mentioning this book. Sounds like it would be a good read.
Found a URL with a bit of info about it:

--Kathy Bilton

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