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Re: [at-l] Re: Book Review- "A Season on the Appalachian Trail"

Marshall DeBerry wrote:

> I got my copy at Border's Book Store today, along with Ed Garvey's new
> book,  The New Appalachian Trail /Appalachian Hiker III, yesterday.

Thanks, Tarkus! Well, I checked Amazon again and they have Lynn's book,
but it is backordered from three to five weeks. I ordered it anyway and
also Ed Garvey's book. Met Ed at the Gathering last year and have
anxiously awaited his new book. Ed's "Appalachian Trail Hiker" was the
first book I read about the AT back in the 70's and I thoroughly enjoyed
it. It definitely had something to do with this "fever" I've had for
over 20 years.

I stay away from the mall bookstores. They NEVER have anything I want
and they  have to order what I do want, so it usually takes a month
anyway. Using Amazon.com, I avoid mall rats, traffic, marketing hype,
etc. Thanks again.

Peter H. Fornof

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